Digital Citizenship

Middle School Students

Digital Life
Teachers and parents often think of our kids’ online and technological activities as “digital life” but for them it’s just life.  Being able to connect and communicate 24/7 from anywhere is normal.  Phones are more likely to be used for texting, searching the web, sharing photos, or listening to music than for making phone calls.  The average teen consumes nine hours of media a day, not including time spent using media for school or homework.  This brief video summarizes the latest research - The Common Sense Census.

Digital Citizenship
At Morehead Middle School, we want our students to make good decisions so they can take advantage of the powerful technology that fills their lives both at school and at home.  But in order to make good decisions, kids need to know how the digital world works.  They need to be responsible and accountable for their actions.  Having unrestricted access to information, tools, and people can result in a wealth of learning and experiences.  But it can also mean accessing inappropriate content and exposure to risks such as:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Sexting
  • Digital identity
  • Online security and privacy
  • Respecting digital media rights 

This is why Morehead and EPISD have partnered with Common Sense Media to provide lesson plans, videos, reviews, and family tips to help teachers and parents keep our students safe in the digital world.   Click on the Family Tips link in the navigation panel to view and download Family Tips pages in English and Spanish. The Making Sense Blog link connects to the Common Sense Media bog with information for parents and teachers.

As parents we want our children to play nice, tell the truth, be fair, share and don’t hurt others.  At Morehead, we want our students to have those same qualities in their digital and actual lives.

Morehead Middle School Digital Citizenship Vision Statement
Today’s students have access to a wealth of experiences through devices that can fit into a pocket.  But having access does not guarantee responsible actions.  Students need to be taught to be responsible, respectful, safe, and judicious users of technology and media.  To ensure this, every student at Morehead Middle School will receive instruction in appropriate on-line behavior.  This will include but not be limited to: cyber safety, on-line identity, intellectual property rights, and evaluation of resources.

Today’s Morehead students will be tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers who will be responsible, respectful, and ready for the challenges of a changing future. 

Digital Citizenship Certification