Coordinated School Health

Coordinated School Health

Campus Wellness Team and Campus Plan located under Policy & Downloads

To read about CSH in detail go to Wellness & PE

To look at the approved human Sexuality Programs or lesson plans for different topics go to episd/k-12/middleschool/health

To see Morehead's completed inventory  and the wellness Action plan go to the website  Please register on this site and follow Morehead's progress; on this site there are a lot of resources to include grants that are available.

The committee is always looking for students and parents to be a part of this committee.  Make a difference in your school  climate and join the Coordination School Health Team. See the nurse for details.  Meetings are held at Morehead 4-6 times a year.

Coordinated School Health

Mission Statement
Healthy Habits: Live them. Teach them.

Vision Statement
To be recognized as facilitating a generational behavior change towards healthy choices and an active lifestyle.

El Paso Independent School Districts program is based on an eight-component model. This model allows our district to attend to not only the academic knowledge base of its students, but also their social, physical and mental health needs. In other words, their Health Literacy. This differentiates us from other programs in the state that focus on just nutrition and physical activity. Although these are paramount concerns, they only address the physical aspect of health whereas issues dealing with social and emotional health can also affect a student’s ability to learn and perform.
All 74 of our elementary and middle schools, including alternative campuses, have a working wellness team with a stipend wellness leader. Their responsibilities in detail are included in every school’s Campus Improvement Plan (CIP), which correlates directly with the District’s goal and objectives.

Coordinated School Health
CSH must be directed toward the needs of students,
responsive to the needs of families and
reflective of the values of the local community.
Coordinated School Health (CSH) is an integrated, systematic set of planned, sequential, school-affiliated strategies, activities and services designed to advance student academic performance and promote their optimal physical, emotional, social and educational development.  It is coordinated by a multidisciplinary team that is accountable to the community for program quality and effectiveness.  By addressing health-related issues, schools not only foster student's academic achievements, but also help to establish healthy behaviors that last a lifetime.
8-Component Model
Modeled after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 8-Component Model, CSH consists of eight health-related areas covering all aspects of the school environment that are linked together to function and coordinate as a unified, effective system to the benefit of the entire school community.
Click on a link below the CSH model graphic for a description of each component, benefits to students and links to helpful resources. is the support website for the CSH.


Health Education 

Healthy & Safe School Environment

 Counseling & Mental Health Services

 Parent & Community Involvement

Staff Wellness Promotion

Health Services

Physical Education

Nutrition Services

Coordinated School Health (CSH)
All Texas school districts are required by law to implement a coordinated school health