Engelbrecht, Timothy


Dress Code:

Morehead Middle School’s dress code is designed to promote a safe, respectful and positive learning environment. The following dress code will be implemented for the upcoming school year:

·       Khaki pants, skirts

·       Bermuda shorts – knee length

·       Red or blue crew-neck T-shirt

·       Spirit shirts

·       Solid color jackets – no logos

·       Closed-in shoes/sneakers are to be worn at all times

The “reach and stretch rule” will be used when determining appropriate fit of clothing. Standing straight with arms at sides, a student’s fingertips should not reach below the hem of the student’s skirt, skort, shorts. When hands are raised above the head, the student’s mid-drift should not be exposed.

Classroom tardies:

Tardies interrupt the classroom environment and interfere with the learning of other students. Students are considered tardy if they are not inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings.

Confiscation of cell phones:

District employees may confiscate any cell phone or paging device in use by students while participating in school-sponsored or school-related activities on or off school property during the instructional day, and while instruction is being conducted.

The parent or guardian or paging company may obtain the release of the cell phone or paging device for a fee of $15 as authorized by law.