Brookins, Sylvia

School Procedures

Hello and Welcome!

I am very excited to have students and parents visit my site.  My goals are always to provide your children with the best well-rounded classroom experience possible. 

I have always had very close, supportive relationships with my students' parents.  Please don't hesitate to contact me via this site.  I love hearing from you!

I am in my 17th year as an educator.  Most of my working career has been in the corporate world.  My job experience ranges from working as a janitor when I was in high school, to working as a secretary for insurance companies, to working as a customer service representative for a large natural gas company, and, finally, teaching. 

My teaching career began in 1997 as a Special Education Teacher.  I chose Special Education because I know how frustrating life can be with children who have special needs.  I also know how a parent feels when meeting with school personnel about their children.  My goal in meeting with parents is always to reassure you that I can relate to how you feel.  I always will have you and your child's best interest as my goal.

I began teaching English as a Second Language classes in 2003 and absolutely loved it.  I am currently teaching ELA, 8th grade Reading.  It is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.  My goal is to have my 8th graders ready for high school.  Together with faculty and parent support, I am sure their success will come to fruition. 

My certifications are in English Language Arts, Special Education, English as a Second Language, and, soon, Counseling.

As the mother of two sons, I was very busy going to baseball games, basketball games, wrestling matches, and other events while my grown sons attended schools in El Paso Independent School District.  As a product of EPISD schools myself, I can honestly say that I have been very pleased with the well-rounded education my sons received.