Dear Parents,
We are looking forward to another exciting year here at MOREHEAD MIDDLE SCHOOL.
  We would like to send out a special thank you for all our students who participated in our school climate training with Mr. John Linny.   We will continue to build on our trainings with our Pod groups that will meet next on Nov 3-5th.
Upcoming news!
October 26th Project Pride from Aliviane will be presenting to our 8th grade class for our RED RIBBON WEEK to go over the effects of Alcohol and Tobacco. 
November 6th Morehead will be hosting a Career Day featuring local business leaders, colleges and Universities, and top rated specialists in various fields.
November 12th we will be hosting a presentation from our local Sheriff's office on Cyber bullying and Internet Safety.  
November 30th Coronado High School will be hosting the Magnet School OPEN HOUSE
Preregistration for High School will be on Dec 2nd. 

Kimberly Jaime
Morehead Middle School
(915)231-2140  ext 2153 office

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