Dress Code for school year 2017-18

Dress Code 2017-18
Posted on 07/24/2017
Dress Code


Navy blue or khaki pants, skorts, shorts or crop/capri pants must be worn at the waistline.

Solid red, white or black polo shirts with collar (if polo has a chest emblem, it cannot be larger than the size of a half dollar coin). Polo shirts must be tucked into uniform bottoms.

Solid black, brown, navy or khaki belts only. Belts must be tucked all the way into the belt loops.

Skorts and shorts must be at least as long as the fingertips with hands at the sides.

Official Morehead MS spirit or athletic shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

College shirts may be worn on Thursdays only.


Outerwear includes but not limited to, sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, wind-breakers, pull overs, fleece garments, etc. Must be solid in color black, red, white or grey. Absolutely no logos.

Official Morehead MS outerwear is allowed.

Hoodies, jackets, sweaters, etc. not affiliated with Morehead MS must be removed upon entering the building.